Functions of Employment Lawyer

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Employees’ management can be complex, and you will need the help of a profession to advice you as an employer. An employment lawyer will be the perfect person who can give you advice about managing employees.  There are many issues in managing a staff that need legal personnel to help you handle them. The employment can help you with an issue relating to employing privacy need, alcohol and drug issues, and take leave mandate.

Employee privacy

 Employers need to access the documents of the employees. However, some regulations detail what documents you can access and the one you cannot access. Sometimes there are parties which may want information about some of your employees.  In such cases, you will need the help of employment lawyer. The lawyer at will help you answer some of the questions that you will face. If you give out private and protected information of your employees can land an employer into a big problem.

Alcohol and Drug issues

Some employees tend to arrive at work in the morning while smelling alcohol.  As an employer, you will have to do something about a drunken employee at the office. You may think of sending him home, drug test or fire him. However, as an employer, you have some rights and employee also have certain rights. No employee would like a drunken worker at the office, but the employer will need to deal with the situation in a proper way to protect the company. In such issues as a drunken employee, you will need the help of employment lawyer to advise you on what you should do the worker.

Leave Taking

Sometimes the employees need to take off to serve in the military.  As the employer, you are the one to deal with the obligation of determining the time the time the employee will be away with a guarantee of coming back to work at the corporation. You may lack the answer for that, but you can call an employment lawyer who will help you solve the issue.  Some workers would need time to have babies or take care of an ill family member.  As an employer, you have to run the business with the correct staff member number, but you will have to honour the legal responsibility dealing with leave-taking.


Being a manager of a company or business comes with a lot of challenges especially when handling personal issues.  However, with an employment lawyer from Folkerth and Folkerth LLC to guide you can treat the workers fairly and protect the company image.

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